Refrigerator Repair Service

Refrigerators are one of many automatic appliances that operate day in and day out in our homes. With the non-stop running of these appliances, they tend to experience some damage over time, and when this happens proper repair options will be required. This is where Nick’s Appliance Repair service comes to your rescue.

With our certified technicians; our appliance repair company quality assurance in terms of refrigerator repair, service, and replacement of different parts. Apart from refrigerator repair, we also deal with dryer repair, washer machines repair, and tons of similar services offering same day appliance repair facility. We also have years of experience specializing in most of the popular makes and models of home appliances.

We fix any problem! Best appliance repair services in Toronto and GTA

We’re the experts in this industry, delivering everyday refrigerator repair services, maintenance, and installation services through technicians who have many years of appliance repair experience.

We are proud to offer affordable and honest appliance repair services across Toronto, Ottawa, and Southern Ontario. We fix appliances fast! Our Appliance repair services are trusted by thousands of satisfied customers with the best quality repair and services.

Are you living in Toronto/ GTA and looking for quality fridge repair services? Our techs explain everything about repair services to the customers before they fix your appliances. No matter the model of the refrigerator, we’ll make sure your appliance runs smoothly with no recurring issues. We look after all the major brands currently present in Canada.

Professional fridge repair services

Our fridge repair service includes refrigerators. Whether or not this appliance is malfunctioning, you can get an online repair quote or a callback. Our appliance repair services will fix appliances in no time and won’t disappoint you.

Since its inception, Nick’s appliance repair aims for professional service and five stars feedback. When you lose something that you have a problem with, it can cause serious headaches trying to reorganize the work around the device. We will have a fully licensed and professional refrigerator repairman at your door in no time.

Your Go-to local refrigerator repair company

We offer TSSA-licensed repair for refrigerators, freezers, electric appliances, and gas stoves. We also offer oven repair, and microwave stovetop hood repair through highly skilled expert technicians. Plus, you get a FREE house service call for repairs.

What do our customers say?

Here’s what one of our customers says about our service.

“I was very concerned when my freezer leaked and wasn’t working properly so I needed to get someone who does refrigeration repairs near me to fix it under COVID-19 isolation requirements. Nick’s appliance sent Mr. Serge whose face was rubbed off immediately with a mask and a glove. The problem was caused by a leak in the refrigerator that required same-day appliance repair services. Nick’s appliance repair company is the best in the area! “

Best refrigerator repairmen at your service!

Every refrigerator is bound to break down at some point in its lifetime. This can be highly inconvenient considering that refrigerators are major appliances. That said, fridge repair service providers are the perfect answer to fridge breakdowns. Our qualified technicians have undergone years of training in fridge repair.

A qualified fridge repairman also provides a warranty on their services as well as a repair parts warranty, so you know that the fridge will not break down again soon after they’ve repaired it or replaced faulty parts on your fridge. The appliance repair company you choose for your repairs work matters a lot.

Guaranteed refrigerator service

Even if your refrigerator breaks down outside of warranty, repairing service providers offer competitive prices for repairing fridges. It’s advisable to call a professional refrigerator repair services provider if your fridge starts leaking water or making strange sounds, or if there is an electric current running through the refrigerator but no cold air.

The refrigerator technician will also give you an estimate of what the fridge will cost before they begin repairing it. This can save you a lot of trouble if you end up dropping more money than the value of the fridge because fridge repair costs vary depending on where you live and how old your fridge is. And imagine your fridge not working properly after a faulty repair! Make sure you choose the appliance repair company. Get the most reliable repair service call us now!

Choose the right fridge repair technician

There are many appliance service providers in Toronto and GTA area, so make sure you call the best one of them. You should always compare appliance repair prices and customer reviews before hiring a refrigerator repair services provider to come to your house.

Before you hire appliance repair service providers, ask them what kind of guarantee they give on their services. The refrigerator repair services providers from a good appliance repair company should give warranties of six months to a year depending on the refrigerator part that they’ve repaired or replaced.

Same Day Repair Services!

Our experienced technicians are ready to offer same-day service to fix your refrigerator problems or any type of home appliance repair service. Your freezer repairman is just a call away! For excellent service call us now!

We have certified fridge-repairing professionals in our appliance repair company who have experience taking care of installation services, fridge repairs, and fixing home appliances including freezers, washing machines, and brands of all kinds of home and commercial appliances.


Toronto Refrigeration provides appliance repair throughout Ontario. We realize that appliances can break down quickly, so we offer fast and easy appliance repairs and will be there for you as soon as possible to ensure everything is working properly and efficiently.

Our professional kitchen appliance repair technicians in Nick’s appliance repair company Toronto offer assistance 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. When you’ve any trouble fixing your refrigerator in Ontario, and you need quick repair service call us on 416-819-2376 for excellent service through a knowledgeable technician today!

Why Choose Nick’s Appliance Repair?

There are many refrigerator repair services in Toronto, all claiming to offer the best services on repair and maintenance, Nick’s Appliance Repair service offers you the correct reasons to garner your trust.

Besides having skilled certified technicians that offer quick installation and quality assistance at one go, we also provide you with original parts when fixing your appliance and our prices are affordable with no extra costs on weekends. Apart from same-day service, we also offer 90 days warranty as we care to provide quality repairs.

Types of Refrigerators We Repair

Nick’s Appliance Repair technicians are experienced in troubleshooting and repairing all household refrigerators with years of appliance repair experience, including stand-alone and built-in models. Freezer repair, wine coolers, free-standing, and built-in are some of the types we service and repair. We are also factory certified to offer great service to popular brands such as LG, KitchenAid, Samsung, Dacor, Whirlpool, and many other brands. 

Different types of refrigerators available in the market today:

Top Freezer Refrigerator

This refrigerator type has a refrigerator on top and a freezer on the bottom. The refrigerator’s temperature is controlled separately from that of the freezer so it is recommended to buy this refrigerator if you prefer a refrigerator at a higher temperature.

French door refrigerator  

The refrigerator is divided into two parts: one part for the refrigerator and the other part for the freezer. Both units have separate doors that open from the front so it is perfect for those who want to maximize storage space by keeping their refrigerator and freezer stacked one on top of the other.

Bottom freezer refrigerator  

It has a refrigerator on the bottom and a freezer at the top. This refrigerator type has two separate doors, but it saves space than if you had two units side by side.

Upright refrigerator  

It has a refrigerator on top and a freezer at the bottom. This refrigerator type is ideal for small spaces because it does not need much room. This refrigerator type needs you to bend down when accessing its contents.

Compact refrigerator  

It is the smallest refrigerator type. This refrigerator type is your perfect kitchen aid and is best suited for very limited spaces like college dormitories or boats. These kinds of refrigerator types are usually combined with a freezer, microwave oven, and other kitchen appliances to make them more compact and versatile.

Under the counter refrigerator  

It is meant to fit under a kitchen counter so it has limited space on top. You can use this refrigerator if you have a small rental property with no more spaces left in your kitchen for standard-size refrigerator units, but still want to keep some of your foods fresh.

Built-in refrigerator  

These refrigerator units are customized to fit into your kitchen. You can choose the refrigerator type, size, and features that you prefer to be made for your refrigerator unit. You can hire a refrigerator fixer from Nick’s Appliance Repair for your built-in refrigerator.

Wine refrigerator  

This refrigerator is one of the commercial appliances designed specifically for storing wines so it is considered a luxury refrigerator because of its features and price. These refrigerator types have specific temperature, humidity, and storage requirements that wine lovers must follow to keep their wines tasting fresh and at the right flavor, taste, and quality. Hire a refrigerator expert to fix your wine refrigerator from Nick’s Appliances repair.

Outdoor refrigerator  

If you spend most of your time outdoors or if you have no space left inside your house for an indoor refrigerator unit then this is one of the best household appliances for you. You can bring it outside with you like when camping or tailgating at sports events.

Side-by-side refrigerator  

They have a refrigerator on one side and a freezer on the other. It is best to buy this kind for those who like to keep part of their refrigerator as a freezer as well.

With these kinds, you can keep your refrigerator and freezer at different temperatures. It also allows you to see the contents inside both units easily because they are side by side. You can find a fridge technician for your side-by-side fridge at Nick’s Appliances Repair.

These refrigerator types can be found in appliance stores near you so you can choose which one fits your lifestyle the most. Check out our blog for more information on how to repair different refrigerator models.

Expert Advice on Buying a Good Fridge

When buying refrigerator units, note that there are different types available on the market today depending on your needs. Also, consider the fact that appliance repair service for a specific brand that you are buying is available in your area.

For inquiries related to appliance repair needs, you can ask one of our experts at Nick’s Appliances Repair. You can get free advice and quotes for all your home appliances. For the best quality service, call our phone number and one of our agents will get back to you right away.

Our Working Process – Refrigerator Repair Services in Toronto

If you are looking to book an appointment with us based on your queries, you can schedule a call on +1 (437) 747-67-37 or take an online booking at

After the appointment is approved, we will conduct a diagnostic that includes a proper analysis of the issue raised. When the analysis is done, we can replace the parts of the appliances which need thorough repairing or order if the technician is not having one. 

All of this is part of our same-day appliance repair service.  We also ensure that we leave your house with a complete thorough check-up of the refrigerators to see if it is in good shape before leaving.

Once you experience quality assistance from our same-day refrigeration repair service, we are sure you will not hesitate to recommend our appliance repair services to all your near and dear ones. Our trained technicians offer fast and reliable refrigerator servicing, that too with highly competitive pricing.

Affordable Refrigerator Repair Available 24/7

Nick’s Appliance Repair refrigeration repair service is available to you 24/7, 365 days. You can book appointments with us on weekends, public holidays, and even during the late hours of the night as per your requirements.

This makes it easy for everyone who needs to repair a fridge in their home. Just like all of our appliance repair services, our refrigeration services are available at affordable rates that you can easily afford. Apart from the fridge problems, our repair technician team is an expert in washer repair service, freezer repair service, and also fix range hoods, and water dispensers.

Nick’s Appliance Repair Services in Toronto and GTA

Now, refrigerators need not be a reason for concern as Nick’s Appliance Repairs’ same-day service is here at your rescue to provide you with quality assistance on refrigerators of all appliance brands and models. If it can be fixed, Nick’s appliance repair services will fix it like no one else and make your refrigerator just like a new one! Get in touch with us now through a phone call!

Why Choose Us

Skilled Certified Technicians

We believe in quality assistance in repairing your appliances through certified technicians: quick installation, quality assistance at one go. We'll send you the best home appliance repairman.

Nick's Appliance Repair - Home Appliance Repair Toronto & GTA | Dishwasher Repair Toronto, Washing Machine Repair Toronto, Microwave Repair Toronto, Stove Repair Repair Toronto

Guaranteed Work

We love to serve quality work with a service and repair warranty period. We will provide you with a FREE diagnosis and estimate for repairs if decide to repair them.

Nick's Appliance Repair - Home Appliance Repair Toronto & GTA | Dishwasher Repair Toronto, Washing Machine Repair Toronto, Microwave Repair Toronto, Stove Repair Repair Toronto

Competitive Prices

The appliance repair services provided by us are highly competitive and affordable. You can fix your schedule accordingly. On weekends, there is no extra charge.

Nick's Appliance Repair - Home Appliance Repair Toronto & GTA | Dishwasher Repair Toronto, Washing Machine Repair Toronto, Microwave Repair Toronto, Stove Repair Repair Toronto

Original Quality Parts

We stand by originality in terms of fixing your appliances. Each part of the appliances is repaired with the original quality parts.

Nick's Appliance Repair - Home Appliance Repair Toronto & GTA | Dishwasher Repair Toronto, Washing Machine Repair Toronto, Microwave Repair Toronto, Stove Repair Repair Toronto

Trusted Appliance Repairing Service

A quality appliance repair company with fast service delivery. We maintain quality service all throughout.

Nick's Appliance Repair - Home Appliance Repair Toronto & GTA | Dishwasher Repair Toronto, Washing Machine Repair Toronto, Microwave Repair Toronto, Stove Repair Repair Toronto

Satisfaction Guaranteed

For us, customer satisfaction is of utmost priority. We care to provide quality services and, in return, are applauded with quality reviews. 90 DAYS WARRANTY

Nick's Appliance Repair - Home Appliance Repair Toronto & GTA | Dishwasher Repair Toronto, Washing Machine Repair Toronto, Microwave Repair Toronto, Stove Repair Repair Toronto

Appliance Repair Services in Toronto & GTA

What Customers Say About Us

Common Refrigerator Issues

  • Fridge not cold enough
  • Fridge water dispenser not working
  • Fridge ice maker not working
  • Fridge not defrosting
  • Fridge compressor is-hot
  • Fridge defrost drain problems
  • Refrigerator is not cooling
  • Refrigerator is not working at all
  • Refrigerator Fan Is Not Working
  • Ice maker doesn’t make ice
  • Ice maker doesn’t dispense
  • Freezer is cold but refrigerator is warm
  • Fridge leaking water
  • Fridge freezing food
  • Fridge light not working
  • Fridge runs constantly
  • Freezer not cooling
  • There are water leaks in the refrigerator
  • Refrigerator constantly runs or hums
  • Refrigerator does not defrost
  • Freezer is cold but refrigerator is warm
  • Refrigerant freon recharge
  • Freezer not working, clicking sound
  • Freezer defrost drain problems
  • Freezer coils frosting up
  • Freezer indicator light is out
  • Freezer only freezes top shelf
  • Error code on the electronic panel
  • Refrigerator is noisy or loud
  • Water doesn’t come out of the dispenser
  • Fridge is too cold
  • Condensation on fridge door
  • Fridge not cooling but freezer works

“I was worried as my refrigerator stopped working without showing any major signs of defect. With one of my friends recommending Nick’s Appliance Repair we could arrange a call and in no time the team was there to help us. Their professional services are top notch and I was glad I could keep my veggies back to the refrigerator"

Ishita Malhotra

HR Manager

“ I called Nick's Appliance Repair about my dryer and they scheduled an appointment. Sent reminders when they would arrive. Daniel came to my home and was the most pleasant repair person I have ever had in my home.”

Kylo James

Fitness Instructor

“ The best thing is they are one time. We haven't made multiple calls. They are quick, professional, and are there to explain what is the issue. I would like to have them in the future too in case I have other requirements. “

Ella Perez

Nutrition Expert, Food Villa

Great customer service from the very start! The staff was very helpful even over the phone! They were able to come to my house quickly and took the extra COVID precautions to ensure that everyone was safe. The tech was very friendly and informative, he explained exactly what was happening with our refrigerator and the options he had to repair it. Based on our phone conversation, he intuitively brought some things that he thought he would need, so he was able to quickly repair the unit! That was such a nice touch, as I was expecting him to have to come back. Overall, this company was amazing to work with and I would definitely recommend Nick's appliance repair them for your appliance repairs!

Elsie Ross

Software Developer

Licensed Repair of All Appliance Brands

Nick's Appliance Repair Service has over 5 years of experience servicing all of the following brands and is factory certified to service:

Our Working Process

Step 1
Book Online or By Phone

We take online booking for all the appliance repairing queries. You can schedule a call via phone or can opt for online booking services. You will get an appointment based on your queries for further discussion.

Step 2

This includes a thorough analysis of the problem raised associated with the appliances. We study the repairing equipment for different appliances and adjust it with the best possible options.

Step 3
Placing Order

Once the analysis is done, we can order parts (maybe our technician will have it) of the appliances which need thorough repairing. Our professionals do their job providing quality assistance as per requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

we offer all types of refrigerator repair services including fridge light not working, fridge constantly runs, freezer not cooling, there are water leaks in the refrigerator, refrigerator constantly runs or hums, the refrigerator does not defrost, freezer is cold, but the refrigerator is warm, refrigerant freon recharge

Yes, your refrigerator must be regularly maintained, including cleaning condenser coils, cleaning and replacing door seals, wiping down the interior and exterior, using a deodorizer to remove odors, changing the filters

Yes, our professional technicians stand by originality when it comes to fixing your refrigerator. Each part of the refrigerator is repaired with the original quality parts.

When your refrigerator is malfunctioning, you have to consider the age, repair cost, pricing, and energy efficiency before opting to repair or replace it.

Yes, we are ready to give you back your old spare parts as we only use original new parts to replace malfunctioning ones.

Refrigerator maintenance is important, so make sure you conduct it every three months.

your refrigerator may be experiencing issues such as not being level, water inlet valve leakage, clogged drain hole, among others

If your refrigerator produces a lot of noise, it can be due to the condenser fan motor issue. Our experts can diagnose the refrigerator by unplugging it and checking the fan at the bottom rear of the fridge. If they notice anything blocking the fan movement, they will clean the area. Repairs and replacement can only be done if they see any sign of damage or a seized motor.

if your refrigerator is not cold enough, then it may be because It may be a bad fan, Issues with major components, the thermostat may be turned down, or the door may not be closed correctly and if these are not the issues, contact our experts for professional repairs

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