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Speed Queen Washer Error Codes And Solutions

Don’t let Speed Queen washer error codes stop you – learn how to troubleshoot and fix them quickly.

Speed Queen washing machines are known for their durability and can last up to 25 years; due to their commercial-grade construction, they are only partially immune to faults.

When an error code appears on your Speed Queen washer, it can be perplexing, as these codes are typically displayed as a combination of letters or flashing lights.

However, we’re here to assist you in deciphering the meaning of the error codes and resolving the underlying issue.

How to Read Speed Queen Error Codes

The electronic reader or control board or electronic control board or panel will display a combination of illuminated letters, such as ‘Er, do’ or ‘PR,’ with each code indicating a distinct issue.

Some models, on the other hand, use flashing lights as indicators. For instance, the In Use Light might flash three times. Please pay attention to the flashing lights and refer to our guide or user manual for more information.

Speed Queen Front Load Error Codes

Speed Queen Front Load washers may display error codes to indicate a problem. These codes can be confusing, but understanding them is crucial to fixing the issue. This article overviews expected Speed Queen Front Load error codes and their solutions.

Code Er, do

Cause: The cycle is interrupted due to an open door.


  1. Shut the door tightly and ensure that it is locked.
  2. If the door fails to close, examine it for faults.
  3. After fixing, check the door lock for any issues, turn off the machine, and restart the running cycle.

Code Er, dL

Cause: The cycle is disrupted because the front door lock is unlocked.

Solution: Open and then check door switch close the door again and ensure it is locked. If it still doesn’t lock, unplug the machine, plug it back in, check the door switch, disconnect power and restart the cycle.

Code Er, dr

Cause: A drain error has occurred – either the water is not draining fast enough, or there is still water in the machine after the spin cycle.


  1. Ensure the drain hose and receptacle are clear and are correctly installed.
  2. If there is a clog, remove it and clean the trap.
  3. Unplug the machine for 15 seconds after completing the task.

Code Er, FL

Cause: The machine fails to reach the maximum value of the fill level within 30 minutes of starting a cycle.

Solution: Confirm that the cold water faucet valves are turned on and that the hoses are not twisted or kinked. Clean the screens of the cold water faucets mixing valve and the faucet end of the fill hoses. Afterward, unplug the machine for 15 seconds.

Code Er, nF

Cause: The machine fails to fill to the correct water level, or there is no change within five minutes of the current fill.

Solution: Verify that the hot water valves and cold water taps are open and that the hoses are not twisted. Clean the screens in the water mixing valve, the faucet end of the wrong machine type, and the fill hoses. Then unplug the wrong machine type for 15 seconds.

Code Er, OF

Cause: The water has reached the overflow level, and the machine is starting to pump it out.


  1. Examine for any clogs and remove them.
  2. Clean the traps.
  3. Unplug the machine and contact Speed Queen for maintenance guidance if something else is needed.

Code Er, PS

Cause: The machine is experiencing a pressure sensor error and struggling to detect the water fill level.


  1. Inspect the wiring harness connecting the user and motor control to the pressure sensor.
  2. Replace it if it’s damaged or the motor control incorrect. You may have to replace the pressure, temperature sensor, or user control.
  3. Let the water drain for 30 seconds, then unlock the door.
  4. Switch off the machine and contact maintenance if needed.

Code Er, dU

Cause: What It Means: The door remains locked and won’t open.


  1. Please turn off the machine and unplug it for three minutes.
  2. If that doesn’t work, try resetting the machine by pressing and holding the cancel button for three seconds.
  3. If the issue persists, call for maintenance.

Code Er, dl

Cause: The door is currently unlocked.

Solution: To fix this, open the door and close the service door on it firmly, making sure it is fully closed.

Code Er, ub

Cause: The wash load is not evenly distributed, causing the spin speed to be limited.

Solution: To resolve the issue, you must manually redistribute the clothes in the washing machine, ensuring the drum is manageable. Then, you must check door lock should turn off the machine and open the door to the correct security code. Finally, restart the washing cycle.

Code PR

Cause: There is a problem with the pressure switch sequence, and the pressure switch is not in the correct position in an electrical circuit.

Solution: Firstly, turn off the machine, then replace the pressure switch, unplug it, replace control board and try again. If this does not work, then it is possible that the pressure switch needs to be replaced. In this case, it is recommended to contact Speed Queen for assistance to replace pressure switch.

Code Er, SL

Cause: The washing machine is producing too many suds.

Solution: The Speed Queen washing machine will display an error code for one minute, and you should allow the cycle to finish. In the future, ensure that you use a low-sudsing detergent that is compatible with a high-efficiency machine if you have one. If the issue continues, use only half the recommended amount of detergent. Also, ensure that you fill the machine appropriately.

Code Sr

Cause: The washing machine is producing too many suds.

Solution: Do not act like the machine is already running a specialized routine to remove the excess suds.

Speed Queen Top Load Error Codes

If you own a top-loading Speed Queen washing machine, you must become familiar with the fault codes indicated by blinking lights instead of letter codes. Although we will provide you with standard codes and how to address the issue, it is recommended that you refer to your user manual in case your model has different codes.

Some Status Lights Flashing

Cause: The washing machine is about to display an error.

Solution: To resolve this issue, you need to decode the number of flashes in the blinking sequence, which will repeat with a pause in between, and then repeat the sequence. You can then refer to our list of fault codes to determine what each error code means and take appropriate action to fix the issue.

All Status Lights Flashing

Cause: The cause of the problem is unknown.

Solution: First, unplug the washing machine for 15 seconds, and then plug it back in. If the flashing lights persist, it is recommended that you contact customer service for further assistance, as the cause of the problem may require professional attention.

One of the common issues that Speed Queen washer users face is when the pressure switch fails, leading to an error code on the machine’s display. In such cases, users can manually enable IR – the infrared sensor to override the pressure switch and proceed with the wash cycle. However, if an error occurs during the wash cycle, it is essential to stop the machine immediately to avoid further damage. It is recommended to contact a professional technician to diagnose and repair the issue to ensure the proper washer functioning. Regular maintenance and inspection of the machine can also prevent such issues and prolong its lifespan.

How to Reset a Speed Queen Washer

If you have resolved the Speed Queen washing machine error code and restarted the machine, but the display lights remain on, you may need to reset the appliance. Sometimes, the machine might produce random beeping noises, or it may not start at all.

If your Speed Queen washing machine has a reset button on the display control panel, use it to reset it. If it doesn’t, follow these instructions:

Please turn it off: First, turn off the washing machine and unplug it.

Wait: Allow the machine to remain unplugged for at least five minutes.

Press: After disconnecting the power from restart machine and waiting for five minutes, plug the machine back in and turn it on. The device should reset and work as usual.

However, we do not recommend using this method to override error codes since the problem may persist, and the error code will return. Addressing the underlying issue causing the error code is essential to ensure data prevent future problems.

Fixing Speed Queen Washing Machine Problems

Speed Queen machines are known for their heavy-duty build and exceptional durability. Despite their impressive quality, it is crucial to understand the different diagnostic codes that may appear on the machine. However, there’s no need to worry when an error code arises.

By referring to this comprehensive list of diagnostic codes, you can identify the issue with your machine and learn how to resolve it. If you cannot fix the problem at home, don’t worry! You may be eligible for free repairs if your machine is still under warranty.

What are coin vault switches?

Coin vault switches are devices in washers that detect the presence of coins and ensure the correct amount is inserted before the machine can start, commonly found in coin-operated washers.