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How to Fix Samsung Washer UR Code

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How to Fix Samsung Washer UR Code

The Samsung Washer Ur Error Code indicates that the load inside your Samsung washer might not be balanced, and it is Samsung’s way of notifying you about it. If this happens, the machine will attempt to add more water, empty the spin cycle, redistribute the load, and spin it again. This could lengthen the washing cycle by a few minutes.

Although Samsung is a reputable company that produces high-quality products, its washers are not immune to errors. This blog post will discuss the Samsung Washer Ur Code and how to resolve it.

What Does The Samsung Washer Error Code Ur Mean?

Samsung’s washers and dryers have undergone significant changes, from one of the initial front-loading washers featuring an electronic control panel on board to the current Premium Care line, which boasts an LCD screen. These newer models offer superior performance and are equipped with sensors that detect and self-correct any issues immediately.

Most top-of-the-line Samsung washers have features people desire, such as an automatic self-diagnosis system that can catch machine issues before they escalate into serious problems.

One of the error codes that may arise in a Samsung Washer is the UR Error Code, which indicates that the washer has detected an unbalanced load. In such cases, the washer will attempt to re-balance the load and restart the cycle. This error can cause the cycle to take longer than usual, wasting time and water.

Washer errors during the wash or rinse cycles, particularly during the spin cycle, may also occur due to drum imbalance. The system will attempt to accelerate the spin multiple times before failing, resulting in such errors.

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What Causes the UR Error Code?

When the washer detects an unbalanced load, it will show a UR error code, although some Samsung washers may display a UE error code instead. The most common causes of this error are large and heavy items, like towels and bathmats, and light clothing that get stuck on one side of the washer or tangled up in the agitator. A problem with the drive belt or an uneven surface could also be a potential cause of the error.

How To Fix Samsung Washer Ur Error Code?

If your washing machine starts to vibrate excessively, it’s crucial to notice. To avoid any additional damage and keep your machine in top-notch condition, you must assist it in redistributing its load. Often, a single heavy item can cause the drum to tilt forward, resulting in excessive vibration.

Remove Shipping Materials

If your washing machine is causing vibrations, check the package for the words “FRAGILE” or “HANDLE WITH CARE.” These labels may indicate that some bolts were used to secure the machine to the pallet during shipping and may need to be removed to prevent the machine from rattling inside the drum during filling.

It’s also essential to remove any lint you find before washing laundry.

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Balance or reduce the load

The Samsung washer Ur error code might indicate that you have an unbalanced load, meaning there are either too many or too few clothing items inside the machine. To resolve this issue, you need to distribute the weight more evenly throughout the load manually. It’s crucial to avoid overloading the machine since this can also lead to an error.

When loading your Samsung washer, ensure that the clothes are sorted by fabric type and evenly distributed. Also, ensure the machine is balanced well by placing a level on top to check for unevenness.

If you experience balance issues during the spin cycle, check your load. Too many items in the washer can prevent the load from becoming unbalanced. The washer rotates based on the center of gravity to achieve a balanced spin cycle. To test this theory, run a small load. If there are no issues with a small load, excess content may cause damage to the machine.

If your washer is underweight, the spin cycle will take longer than usual, and the clothes may be wet, making them harder to remove from the washer. Adding towels or other lightweight clothing can help even out the load and reduce drying time and more laundry.

If you continue to see the Ur error code on your washing machine, there may be an issue with your Samsung washing machine itself—Contact Nick’s Appliance Repair Service for assistance.

Level the Washer

To prevent your Samsung washing machine from rocking during a spin cycle, you should first check its level. Make sure that all four legs are firmly in contact with the floor. If your washing machine is placed on a carpeted surface, it could prevent it from becoming unbalanced.

If you’ve already verified that the washing machine is level and still rocking, ensure that all legs are securely tightened and not damaged.

In some cases, top-loading washers can tip forward, especially if placed at the wrong angle on a pedestal. Even if the legs are adjusted to be level, this can still occur and may result in the door opening.

If your top-loading washer is located on a pedestal, the problem can be even worse. You can solve this problem by tilting the washer forward and placing it back on the floor. Front-loading washers are self-leveling, as they adjust the height of one of their legs to ensure stability.

Faulty Shock Absorbers

When your Samsung washer begins to vibrate or shake and displays the Washer Ur error code, it is often caused by faulty shock absorbers. Typically, washers have two to four shock absorbers that minimize the movement that transfers to the rest of the machine. These absorbers enable the drum to spin and move smoothly without the shaking or vibrating sensation of the other components of your washer.

If you’ve noticed your front-loading washer shaking or vibrating excessively, it may be due to damaged shock absorbers. Unfortunately, these shock absorbers are located within the inner workings of the washer, making it a problematic DIY repair. It’s recommended that you seek the assistance of a professional to fix this issue.

Broken Tachometer

The washer tachometer monitors the speed at which your washing machine spins. This helps prevent damage to the machine and avoid any harm to your family. When the tachometer malfunctions, your washing machine may not spin at a sufficient speed to effectively clean your clothes. If you hear unusual or strange noises during the wash cycle, it could indicate a problem with the tachometer.

Causes of Other Common Samsung Error Codes


Worn-out Drum Bearing

Vibration problems in front-loading washing machines usually stem from a defective motor or loose drum bearings. To resolve this issue, the tub spindle must be dismantled to replace the bearings.

This type of repair requires advanced-level skills due to the complex inner workings of the machine and should only be performed by a qualified technician.

Faulty Suspension springs

Both top-loading and front-loading washing machines require springs to hold the tub in place on the base or suspend it from the top. If any of these springs become damaged or broken, it can cause your washer to malfunction. It is recommended to replace all of the springs if one of them needs to be replaced.

Motor Brushes

The motor brushes in a washing machine are responsible for creating the magnetic field that enables the spin cycle. The washer motor must be taken out to examine the washer components and replace the motor brushes.



How do I find UR in my Samsung washing machine?

Samsung washing machines display the “UR” error code when the drum cannot rotate. This can occur due to an imbalance caused by incorrect loading of laundry. Additionally, internal components such as the drive, Hall sensor, damping assembly, bearings, and motor brushes may malfunction and cause this problem. Another possible cause is a faulty motor control board.

Is there a way to fix my Samsung washer UR Code?

To resolve the “UR” error, it is essential to redistribute the laundry in the drum properly. If the error persists, checking the drive belt, engine brushes, and tachometer is recommended. Inspect the bearing assembly and shock absorbers, and replace any damaged components. In some cases, it may be required to solder or replace the control and control circuit board itself.

How do I interpret Ur on my Samsung washer?

The “Ur” error indicates a body imbalance in the washing machine. This can occur when the drum fails to rotate correctly, often due to uneven laundry distribution. It is also possible that damage to components such as the bearing assembly, speed sensor, and taco sensor may cause the imbalance. In addition, wear and tear on the engine’s drive belt and carbon brushes may also be contributing factors.