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Meet Our Leadership Team

Nick's Appliance Repair CEO


SEO Investor

Nick joined in 2017. He is a professional and experienced content writer and digital marketer! His areas of interest include online advertising, website or marketing strategy, social media, deliverables, and content creation. A rare SEO Investor that enjoys escapades and consistently looks for SEO challenging Tasks. His nickname is “The Digital,” because of his outstanding writing skills and experience to create digital assets. Hobbies: bodybuilding, dancing, fishing, and hiking.


Second Marketer

We joined him in 2019. Max is a co-partner with Nick in the marketing field. He Oversees marketing campaigns that promote our services and company. He is a team player who focuses and gives his all to enhancing brand awareness to our customers. Alex is also known as “The Sniper” thanks to his fantastic marketing strategies and skills. Hobbies: bodybuilding, cooking, fishing, photography.

Mr. Cyril

Chief Marketing Officer

Joined our team in 2018. Mr. Cyril is an architect behind digital marketing strategies. He is in charge of developing, implementing, and managing marketing campaigns that promote our brand name and services. Apart from promoting brand awareness within the digital space, Cyril plays an important role in driving website traffic and acquiring leads and customers. His nickname is “The Midshipman.” Hobbies: English soccer and history.


Technical Service Manager

We joined Mack in 2020. A mastermind among technical directors, Mr.Dmitri is a supervisor in the appliances industry for our technicians. Mack is experienced and has a passion for the tech team fosters high-quality communication and is friendly with our customers. He is always ambitious to train and recruit new heroes to our family. He is over the moon when everyone calls him “The Don” because of his high training & mentor experience. Hobbies: teaching and food consumption