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ge dryer not starting

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GE Dryer Not Starting: 8 Ways to Fix It

Is laundry day turning into a nightmare? Keep the GE dryer from starting to ruin your day! Try these eight easy fixes and quickly get the electric Dryer back to fluffing and folding.

Among prominent brands like LG and Whirlpool, GE is renowned as one of the most reliable and excellent appliance producers.

Their electric dryers receive acclaim for their range of features and energy efficiency. For numerous people, they are the top preference in the dryer repair market.

Although rare, there are instances when the Dryer refuses to, or the GE dryer won’t start up without apparent cause. If you’re experiencing this issue, you’ve landed on the right page.

This article explains why your Dryer won’t start and offers practical solutions to help you get it up and running swiftly and with minimal effort.

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Why is your GE Dryer Not Starting?

When your Dryer refuses to cooperate, it can disrupt your daily laundry routine. To get to the root of the problem, check if the dryer light turns on when you open the dryer door first. If it does, you can eliminate power supply issues; however, if it doesn’t, inspect the dryer’s power supply extension cord supply and reset the breaker. If the problem persists, it’s time to explore other potential causes.

  1. There is no Power Supply
  2. The Door hasn’t Latched
  3. Incorrect Dryer Settings
  4. Damaged or Broken Start Dryer Door Switch
  5. The GE Dryer Thermal Fuse has Blown
  6. The Motor is Failing
  7. The Drive Belt is Worn
  8. A Power Surge has Blown the Thermal fuse

How to fix a GE Dryer Not Starting

Assuming you have identified the cause of your Dryer’s failure to start, let’s proceed to the next step: resolving the issue. This section will guide you on how to fix the problem so you can get your GE dryer up and running again.

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Fix the Power Supply

As a primary reason for a dryer’s failure to start, ensuring the power supply’s proper functioning is crucial to the appliance’s performance. If your GE dryer utilizes an electrical cord or a multi-plug outlet, shift it to a single outlet, preferably with a dedicated circuit breaker on the electrical panel. If the power cord or outlet is damaged, repair or replace it as necessary.

Fix the Door latch

If the latching mechanism of exhaust vent on your GE dryer is physically damaged, it is better to replace it entirely instead of attempting temporary fixes that may fail again. Similarly, if the door belt switch has stopped functioning, test it for continuity using a multimeter, and replace it if necessary.

Check and Adjust the GE Dryer Settings

Start by checking if the child lock or control lock feature is enabled, as this could prevent your GE dryer from starting correctly plugged in. Locate the corresponding button on the front control panel, and hold it for three seconds. If successful, you should hear an audible beep, and the LED light should turn off, indicating that the child lock is now disabled properly plugged in.

Another crucial step is to enable the no-delay start setting so the drying process cycle can begin immediately. Locate the ‘delay GE dryer motor’ button on the front panel and press it repeatedly until the delay time is set to 0. If it’s already set to 0, you can skip this step.

Replace the Broken Start Dryer Door Switch

In case the start switch of your GE dryer has broken or failed, you might need to replace either the broken start switch itself or the entire front control board, depending on the model you’re using. Since this is something other than what the user can quickly fix, it’s recommended that you contact GE technical support to assist you in replacing the dryer belt switch or panel.

Replace the GE Dryer Thermal Fuse

Thermal fuses are one-time-use electrical components; if it blows, they must be replaced. Luckily, this is a straightforward task that can be done at home with a few simple tools.

  • Start by turning off the power and unplugging the Dryer.
  • Next, remove the back panel to reveal the thermal fuse.
  • The thermal fuse is located near the Dryer’s blower housing; you’ll see two leads running directly to the fuse, which can be removed by hand.
  • Remove the screw and pull out the old fuse; most fuses have a convenient tab, allowing you to grab and wiggle it out.
  • Insert the new fuse, reattach the back panel, and you’re done!

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Fix or Replace the Motor

To avoid further damage to the GE dryer faulty motor, turn it off right away if you hear unusual sounds and suspect the GE dryer drum motor is failing.

As the drive motor is not a user-serviceable part, you must contact Nick’s Appliance Repair Service and have a professional fix it.

Replace the Drive Belt

If you are up for a DIY project, replacing a worn-out drive belt is a task that can be done in about an hour with a few tools. However, if you prefer to have a Nick’s Appliance Repair Service technician handle the task, you can contact us for support. Follow the steps outlined here if you want to complete the job yourself.

Replace the Fuse

If you believe a power surge has blown the power plug fuse, you can use a multimeter to test the fuse’s functionality. If the fuse is faulty, it must be replaced with a new one.

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GE dryer not starting can be a frustrating experience, but with the help of this article, you can do GE dryer troubleshooting and fix the issue quickly and easily. By identifying the potential causes, such as power supply issues, damaged or broken parts, or blown thermal fuse, you can take the necessary steps to get your GE dryer up and running again.

Whether you choose to fix the problem yourself or seek the help of a professional, you can rest assured that with these easy fixes, your laundry routine will be back on track in no time. Always prioritize safety and turn off the power before attempting any repairs.