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We are Nick’s Appliance Repair Service, an accredited repair company for Cyclone appliances, providing certified service authorized by the manufacturer.

Cyclone Range Hoods originated in 1991, when an engineer created a range hood zephyr cyclone to meet his home kitchen needs due to the need for more satisfactory products in the market. The success of the white range hood type and his invention sparked demand for better range hoods, leading to the establishment of Cyclone Range Hoods.

Cyclone Range Hoods has remained at the forefront of kitchen ventilation innovation for nearly three decades, producing robust and visually appealing range hoods. Their products are available throughout North America via appliance dealers and online stores.

Cyclone range hoods utilize potent, non-stick-coated fans to quietly extract grease, odors, and vapors, ensuring your kitchen and home remain fresh and clean. Nonetheless, regular use may result in wear and tear that requires repair, and that’s where we come in. If you need reliable, manufacturer-authorized repair services in Canada, contact Nick’s Appliance Repair Service for all your Cyclone Range Hood appliance repairs.

Cyclone Appliance Repair Near Me

Cyclone appliances are known for their sleek design and innovative features. These appliances include a range of cabinet range hoods essential for maintaining a clean and fresh kitchen environment. In this article, we’ll discuss Cyclone appliances and their unique features and everyday repair needs for these appliances.

Wall Mount

At Nick’s Appliance Repair Service, we repair all Cyclone range hood models, from the high-efficiency grease and fume extractors of their wall-mounted cabinet range hoods to the European, classic glass arch and simplistic designs. Whether it’s the 300 CFM (SC300/SCB300), 500 CFM (SC500/SCB500), 550 CFM (SC514S or CB514), or 650 CFM (SC712/SCB712) home or professional cabinet range hood model, we’ve got you covered.

You’ll know when your Cyclone range hood isn’t working optimally, as your nose will detect the difference. Our premier service experts will solve no matter what issues you’re experiencing with your appliance. At Nick’s Appliance Repair Service, we pride ourselves on delivering top-notch repair services for all your Cyclone range hood problems, including:

  • The time delay-OFF feature is malfunctioning.

  • LED lights pulse or don’t work

  • Push-button digital controls stick or don’t function

  • Mesh or baffle filter screens are stuck

  • 3-speed fan rattles or squeals


Cyclone’s island range hood models seamlessly combine classical and contemporary design elements. They are equipped with an ultra-quiet and highly efficient fan motor that effectively extracts, filters, and captures smoke and grease, ensuring that your ceilings, light fixtures, and extractor ductwork remain clean and unblemished.

The SI323 and SI520 island range hoods are particularly powerful, filtering a substantial 300 CFM or 500 CFM, respectively, to eliminate unpleasant cooking odors. If you encounter any issues with your air-purifying island range hood, trust the professional authorized service specialists at Nick’s Appliance Repair Service, approved by the cyclone. Our team of service experts can fix all kinds of appliance issues, including:

  • The motor is noisy

  • The fan blades tick at slow speeds

  • LED lighting dims as fan speed increases

  • Filters seem to be fused in place

  • Controls don’t respond


Nick’s Appliance Repair Service is your local authorized Cyclone Range Hoods appliance repair service, specializing in fixing Cyclone under-mount range hoods. These units are powerful yet operate quietly, efficiently removing smoke, airborne grease, and fumes from your cooking area and home.

If your Cyclone under-mount range hood makes a dreadful noise or leaves your kitchen smelling like a fast-food joint, don’t hesitate to call us. We’ll send a skilled repairman to your location to fix any issues with your 300 CFM (CY917R, CYS, PTB83), 680 CFM (CY1000C, CY3000R, NA330R, NA930C/R, PTB86), or 880CFC (PTB88) undermount hood.

Our experts are well-equipped to fix all kinds of appliance problems, and cyclone under cabinet provide including:

  • The rocker switch is sticking

  • Push-button controls don’t respond

  • Halogen or LED lights don’t work after replacement, or intensity settings don’t work.

  • Removable grease cups stuck or dripping

  • Fan clicks or squeals

  • Adjustable fan speeds aren’t functioning

  • The digital touch control panel displays errors


Don’t fret if your Cyclone insert range hood makes rattling or howling noises while in use, don’t fret. While these units are typically invisible, they are essential in keeping your kitchen smoke, grease, and odor-free.

As your reliable authorized Cyclone repair service, Nick’s Appliance Repair Service is here to help. Our skilled troubleshooting technicians will efficiently resolve any issues with your 250 CFM (BX155), 300 CFM (BX212, SS130), 550 CFM (BX215), or 600 CFN (BX600) range hood, ensuring it operates quietly and efficiently as it should.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for all your Cyclone appliance issues, including:

  • Fan only goes one speed, not three

  • Slide or push-button control don’t work

  • Halogen or LED lighting is dim or flickers

  • Extendable slide-out filter stuck

  • Fan rattles or howls

Cabinet Range Hoods

Cyclone cabinet range hoods are designed to blend seamlessly into any kitchen. They are available in various sizes and finishes, including black, white, and stainless steel and black together, and black stainless. These cabinet range hoods are designed to fit a wide range of cabinet widths, making them an ideal choice for any kitchen.

Cabinet Range Hood Model

Cyclone offers a variety of led lighting and available out-of-cabinet range hood models, each with unique features. Some models are cabinet ADA compliant, making them accessible for individuals with disabilities. Others are Energy Star-certified or outdoor-approved, providing options for all homeowners.

Features of Cyclone Appliances

Cyclone appliances offer several unique features that set them apart from other brands. These include:

Featuring Lumilight LED Lighting

Cyclone range hoods are equipped with Lumilight LED lighting, which provides bright, energy-efficient illumination for your cooking surface. This feature lets you see your food as it cooks, ensuring perfect results every time.

Dual-Level Lighting Filter

Another unique feature of Cyclone range hoods is their dual-level lighting filter. This innovative filter design helps to remove grease and odors from the air while providing optimal lighting for your cooking area.

Centrifugal Blowers and Easy Cleanup

Cyclone’s centrifugal blowers liquefy are designed to liquefy cooking residue without using complex filters. This makes cleanup a snap, as you can easily wipe away the liquefied cooking residue without using anything from the range hood’s surface.

Choosing Nick’s Appliance Repair

Regarding Cyclone appliance repair, you can trust the professionals at Nick’s Appliance Repair to provide top-notch service. With a team of skilled technicians and a commitment to customer satisfaction, Nick’s Appliance Repair is the go-to choice for all your Cyclone appliance repair needs.


In conclusion, Cyclone appliances are known for their innovative features and sleek design. However, like any appliance, they can experience issues that require professional repair. Nick’s Appliance Repair is a trusted provider of Cyclone appliance repair services, ensuring your appliances remain in excellent condition.

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Cyclone Appliance Repair FAQ

Common signs that your Cyclone appliance may need repair include unusual noises, leaks, inconsistent performance, or error codes displayed on the appliance.

Nick’s Appliance Repair aims to provide prompt service and will schedule your repair as soon as possible. The exact timing will depend on the availability of technicians and your specific repair needs.

Regular maintenance, such as cleaning filters, inspecting hoses, and checking for worn parts, can help extend the life of your Cyclone appliances. Consult your owner’s manual for specific maintenance recommendations.