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Nick’s Appliance Repair Service is offering affordable and reliable household appliance maintenance services in Toronto and the GTA. We are TSSA licensed service and maintenance of Gas, Electric, and Induction household and commercial appliances. Some of the appliances we specialize in include refrigerators, wine coolers, freezers, dishwashers, washers, dryers, stoves, ovens, cooktops, ranges, microwaves, top range hoods, outdoor gas grills, and many more. 

Feel free to contact us for affordable appliance maintenance services. We maintain and clean the following:

Dryer Maintenance Services

Nicks’s Appliance Repair Service is at home with some of the best professional dryer appliance maintenance services and we are skilled to handle any power source including a natural gas dryer, propane gas dryer, or electric dryer. Our trained technicians are experienced to maintain and clean all the lint and debris that may clog the vents resulting in poor heating or even fire accidents. Over time the cloths you dry up will leave this lint and debris causing the dryer to spin slower or not spin, causing massive damage to some parts. To avoid all this, it is advisable to seek dryer maintenance services from our team. 

Refrigerator Maintenance Services

Since a refrigerator is an automated household appliance, it is prone to dirt and other displeasing debris. If not attended, this dirt and debris can cause your refrigerator multiple malfunction issues. Some of the common issues may include water leaking, freezer not cooling, or your refrigerator may start to cycle too often, resulting in too much noise and a higher electricity bill. This is why you should always look for professional refrigerator maintenance services from Nick’s Appliance Repair Service. We have more than five years of experience offering reliable and affordable maintenance repair for all makes and models. 

Washing Machine Maintenance Services

Washing machines are prone to mildew that build on hard-to-reach areas, clogged drain, and unwanted odor. This can cause your appliance to not work properly as a clogged drain hose or pump can be a result of small bits of clothing, residual debris, and gunk. As a result of a malfunctioning system, your washing machine can wear down faster. Nick’s Appliance Repair Service has a team of professional appliance cleaners with more than five years of experience, they are trained to make sure that your washing machine and maintains optimal operation.

Dishwasher Maintenance Services

Clogged drains and blocked areas are common issues that can affect unmaintained dishwashers and they can cause many issues that will wear them down. Due to these malfunction issues, you may also face different unwanted issues such as unclean dishes, not turning on, water not filling up, draining or leaking issues, and disturbing loud noise. Our team at Nick’s Appliance Repair Service is always ready and available to offer you affordable and professional dishwasher cleaning service and maintenance.

Get in touch with us for prompt, efficient service. Nick’s Appliance Repair Services offer the highest quality maintenance service possible, sending a fully certified and experienced technician with advanced materials or parts to ensure the job is carried out successfully and as soon as possible.

Contact us to schedule an appointment Call  +1 (437) 747-67-37 or take an Online Booking.

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We believe in quality assistance in repairing your appliances through certified technicians: quick installation, quality assistance at one go.

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We love to serve quality work with a service and repair warranty period. Hassle-free, quick to adapt appliances repairing. FREE DIAGNOSTICS IF YOU DECIDE TO MAKE REPAIRS WITH US

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The appliance repair services provided by us are highly competitive and affordable. You can fix your schedule accordingly. NO EXTRA CHARGE ON WEEKENDS

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We take online booking for all the appliance repairing queries. You can schedule a call via phone or can opt for online booking services. You will get an appointment based on your queries for further discussion.

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This includes a thorough analysis of the problem raised associated with the appliances. We study the repairing equipment for different appliances and adjust it with the best possible options.

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Once the analysis is done, we can order parts (maybe our technician will have it) of the appliances which need thorough repairing. Our professionals do their job providing quality assistance as per requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

Repairing is totally dependent upon the different modules of appliances you are opting for. Different appliances need to be tackled differently, interns of types of equipment, services, and many more.

Yes, we have the most reputed and certified professionals working at your requirements. They have years of experience doing the same and are highly trained and qualified for this job.

Yes, we do provide a warranty of 90 days for the appliances we seek to repair. You simply need to choose your requirements, schedules or can ask for free quotes by visiting our website.

It is always advisable to do a thorough check once the entire process of repairing is done. This ensures that everything has fallen into place and nothing is damaged.

You can always take help from the professionals in case you want to know the tips and tricks of maint

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